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The Code of Practice on Special Educational Needs, the Bercow Report and The Rose Report  are very helpful to parents who wish to work in partnership.

Parents should have if they wish to the Parents Partnership service in the authority, from whom they can get information on their child's entitlement. Teachers are obliged to inform parents of any concerns and actions affecting provision and in return would hope to receive and informed response from parents.

There is also more emphasis on the views of the child and, for children who stammer, the increased emphasis on in-school support should be helpful, as many of these children do not have a defined learning difficulty which calls for further assessment.

Parents should be asked if they would allow the school to inform all staff about the child who stammers, particularly supply staff.  The parent in this clip advocates a note in the register for this.  The school should ensure that the parent is given full information as to the implications of providing details to all staff, making it clear which groups of staff are involved and ensuring that the parent gives informed consent, preferably signing a form for this.


  • Give information to parents about the Parents Partnership service, and the BSA as appropriate.
  • Ensure full understanding by the parent of the staff groups to whom information about their child's stammer may be provided, so that consent to this is fully informed.