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Parent partnership

Parents are very much part of the partnership supporting the child.  Decisions about speech and language therapy will be discussed with them and hopefully they will be pleased to involve the teacher in supporting this. 

Any school decision to provide support for the child should be discussed with the parents, whether it is informal school provision or more formally through  'School Action'. 

The parent in the video clip explains her worries about her child who stammers and explains that she keeps in regular contact with the teacher so that her daughter's concerns are picked up at an early stage. The BSA considers that parents of children who stammer will need to maintain this regular contact with a key teacher at the school throughout their child's education, as difficulties can arise at any time because stammering is such an unpredictable communication difficulty.

Parents should be encouraged to express early concerns to the teacher and equally should be available to discuss any problems that the school may identify.  A joint collaborative approach gives consistency to support for the child and the management of the stammer.


  • Make parents part of the partnership. 
  • Meet with them regularly to discuss progress.
  • Advise the parents to visit the selected secondary school to pass on information about the child's stammer.

This mother stays in close contact with the school so that any concerns are picked up quickly.